So I’ve been asked countless times by people about where can I get your playlist of songs, it’s so different, I love it, can I get a CD and whatnot. So I decided to put an end to all these questions once and for all by making a mix of […]

I tried to swim to the side, But my feet got caught in the middle. And I thought I’d seen the light, but oh no. I was just stuck on the puzzle, Stuck on the puzzle… Took me an hour to get this shot right, aligning the frame and lighting […]

That yellow tree, solitarily, in the monsoon. Those pale cloudy skies, blues. Circles as big as cocoons, Is this a daze or a dream? Choose. Blur me yellow, little one, Now’s the time, air’s mellow.


Be The Change You Want To See In This World

People get tangled in this never-ending race to get along with the world, blend in with the money-makers, with no idea what they wanna do, what makes them happy, where do they see themselves, what do they desire the most, how would they really enjoy spending their lives? Well I […]


Song Of The Week: Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

  There is this power in music to turn your world upside down, no matter what the situation may be. It can make the best of days look dull and gray, given that some blues are playing in the background. And then again you can be in the sourest of […]